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“Yeah, I’m kind of a (insert any noun) nerd!” 

We’ve all heard this phrase enough lately to warrant the slapping of any overly enthusiastic dweebs attempting to persuade us into reading/watching/clicking/listening/eating along with them as they descend further into their current obsession, but if you’ve got room for more “dorkdoms” in your info diet, then tune your Zune to The Dork Forest.
Each episode finds TDF host, comedian Jackie Kashian, in conversation with her guests about the objects of their fascination. The thing that sets TDF apart from other nerdcasts is the variety of topics discussed. The scope of this show isn’t necessarily limited to things we think of being stereotypically nerdy. 
For example, you can hear…
-Rich Sommer (Mad Men) on board games
-Paul F. Tompkins on fashion accessories
-Carrie Brownstein (Portlandia, riffs) on socio-linguistics

This show is consistently funny, entertaining, and has the potential to open up some doors to new areas of interest to anybody willing to venture into the woods.


The Dork Forest


Who Charted? with Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack

Do you love pop culture charts? Always trying to keep track of who’s who in the worlds of dubstep, math rock, and independent record stores? Well, none of these things are necessary to enjoy Who Charted? on the Earwolf network, but they may earn you some street cred at your local trivia night. But, be careful, some people get way too into trivia night, and they may poison your next basket of buffalo honey habanero poppers. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, you overly confident dingleberry.

Who Charted? is one of my favorite shows. I rarely miss an episode, and I think Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack are my favorite chart-centric podcast duo. Who Charted? loosely relies on entertainment charts as a springboard for the hosts and their guests to divulge personal stories based on the charts du jour. Who Charted? gives you the opportunity to hear Paul F. Tompkins riff on reality shows on a cable television chart, or Marc Maron investigate some country artists he has never heard of.

Although much of the media on top charts is pure junk, the show never gets bogged down in sanctimonious critique, and the guests usually find a way to weave the charts into entertaining conversation. Who Charted? doesn’t function as an advocate of the charts’ stock, nor does it exist to simply rip apart mainstream media; the charts serve as a non-invasive backbone for the dialogue.

Kremer’s mirthful nonchalance compliments Kulap’s infectious enthusiasm, and the two chartists build a welcoming environment in which an impressive number of skillful comedians explore their reactions to anything from 90’s hip-hop to modern reality television. The show keeps up an incredibly jovial atmosphere, partially because of Kremer’s original theme songs used to introduce each category (Kremer also operates under his hip-hop moniker Dragon Boy Suede).

Recently, the team added a second show to their weekly output titled Two Charted?, giving Kulap and Howard a chance to bring in their own personalized charts of things they enjoy. These shorter episodes provide a platform for them to geek out a bit on personal favorites, and if you enjoy the regular Who Charted? episodes, check these out as well.

Happy listening!