It’s not easy to develop a natural, charming chemistry between performers, it may take years of work and training with each other to develop such a bond.  Or, you can all come from the same gene pool- that helps also!

The My Brother, My Brother, and Me podcast presents the witty, improvisational adventures of three siblings as they offer advice to real-life morons seeking relief from their puzzling predicaments as found in their Yahoo! Answers requests.  They also answer questions from listeners and friends of the show, but the Yahoo! Answers queries offer the real comedy gold.

It’s refreshing to hear the chemistry between the McElroy bros because they genuinely make each other laugh without overdoing it.  Their treatment of the questions leans more towards absurd than cruel, never taking the easy way out to poke fun at the often ridiculous pleas for guidance.

Here is an example of an actual Yahoo! Answers question they use as a launching pad for one of my favorite portions of riffing.  (The original question, complete with ludicrous responses, can be found here.)

It reads:

“Hi, i was wondering if anyone knew where the website boyskinz has gone. I wanted to buy a thong form there but saw they no longer where up. I also wanted to buy my son one since he saw mine and wanted to try it. No im not a pedo, hes 15 and can speak for himself thanks.

Does anyone know where i can buy adult and youth boy thongs?


If you wish to hear how the McElroys deal with this perfectly legitimate request, check out episode #88 “The Lion, The Witch, and The Boyskinz.”

My Brother, My Brother, and Me is part of the Maximum Fun family, and new episodes drop every Monday.