“Yeah, I’m kind of a (insert any noun) nerd!” 

We’ve all heard this phrase enough lately to warrant the slapping of any overly enthusiastic dweebs attempting to persuade us into reading/watching/clicking/listening/eating along with them as they descend further into their current obsession, but if you’ve got room for more “dorkdoms” in your info diet, then tune your Zune to The Dork Forest.
Each episode finds TDF host, comedian Jackie Kashian, in conversation with her guests about the objects of their fascination. The thing that sets TDF apart from other nerdcasts is the variety of topics discussed. The scope of this show isn’t necessarily limited to things we think of being stereotypically nerdy. 
For example, you can hear…
-Rich Sommer (Mad Men) on board games
-Paul F. Tompkins on fashion accessories
-Carrie Brownstein (Portlandia, riffs) on socio-linguistics

This show is consistently funny, entertaining, and has the potential to open up some doors to new areas of interest to anybody willing to venture into the woods.


The Dork Forest