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Harness The Chaos Majick

Need a hilarious, LSD-friendly podcasting guru?  Need more astral projections in your podfeed?  Look no further!  Check out the enlightening rants and longform interviews of comedian Duncan Trussell and his eclectic guests.  Yeah, maybe he looks a little bit like Charles Manson, and maybe the show is kind of “culty,” but save your judgments for your square, shoe-polishing neighbor.

If you’re completely new to the show, let me clear something up.  The Duncan Trussel Family Hour manifested into being after the dissolution of The Lavender Hour, a show hosted by Trussell and Natasha Leggero.  Although the show has evolved into a solo effort, I definitely recommend going back through the archives to hear the earlier episodes while the show was a collaboration.

TDTFH boasts conversations with riveting guests running the gamut of this little floating orb we call home.  You can hear comedians like Chelsea Peretti, Tim Heidecker, Paul F. Tompkins, and Pete Holmes, musicians such as Emil Amos (from the Holy Sons, OM) and Honey Honey, or maybe you’d enjoy the episode recorded from within the glamorously tortuous chambers of a Los Angeles S&M mistress.

The show doesn’t take itself too seriously, but the conversation inevitably stumbles into profound territory, and it’s equal parts funny, peculiar, and transcendant.

One of the other things I really appreciate about this show is the existence of an online forum in a rare and promising constructive corner of the internet.
Download some episodes, sign up for the forum, and unleash your inner cosmic teacup pig.


You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes

I’ll keep this short, I know you have better things to do, like organizing your backpack or something.  You Made it Weird is a show hosted by comedian Pete Holmes.  He and his guests attempt to make it all weird by discussing “comedy, sex, and god.”  Pete brings it every episode, not by trying to fill every moment with a joke, but by diving into each encounter with unbridled energy and unaffected curiosity.  Holmes approaches the talks with an almost uncomfortable openness, but it helps push the guests into topics where they seem to do some real mining.

Live YMIW from SXSW