Professor Blastoff with Tig Notaro, David Huntsberger, and Kyle Dunnigan:

Tig, Kyle, and David have a fantastic chemistry (no science-pun intended) with one another, and there is an incalculable number of delightful moments between the hosts in this humorously inquisitive show.

The basic premise is this:
Three comedians burrow into an old-fangled laboratory through a mysterious hatch, launching into discussion topics ranging “from scientific to philosophical to metaphysical.”  They often feature expert guests to provide a professional perspective on the topic at hand.

Each episode contains a fairly casual conversation loosely based on a specific topic or theme, leaving enough room for each of the hosts to weave in some personal tales and light improv.

I would recommend this show to anybody who enjoys talking with their friends about aliens (episode 3), or ghosts (episode 12), or immortality (episode 17), or how annoying other humans can be with their horribly obnoxious behavior (episode 19).

Professor Blastoff is a lot of fun.  The show has found a nice combination of comedy tangents, hints of hard science, interesting topics, and, most importantly, genuinely amiable hosts.

Pretty soon, you’ll hankering for some forced laughter, spur-of-the-moment doo-wop harmonies, improvised ancient riddles, and enthusiastic exclamations of “THAT’S NUTS!”
Don’t worry, this will all make sense after you navigate your way through some PB episodes.

Welcome to the hatch, Blastronaut!